Step 4: Customize your space

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Now that you already know how to use Tap My Back, let's personalize your space! 
How? By focusing on this key aspects: 

  • Branding;
  • Enabled features;
  • Creating Badges;
  • Creating Skills.


You can customise your space using your brand name, colours and logo!
1 - Click in "Manage account"  ➡️   "General settings";
2 - Click in "Tap to edit";
3 - Choose your colors (the background and the primary color); 

4 - Choose a picture from your computer, write your company's name, and confirm!

This will be the final result! Your name, your logo and your colors! 

Enabled features

As an Account Admin, you have the power to choose which features to enable your users to have access to. This way you can choose which fits better in your company's strategy.

How to do it? 
1  - Click in "Manage account"  ➡️   "General settings";

2 - Depending on the option you chose to begin your trial, you may have these features:

  • Give a Tap
  • Feedback Hub
  • Users can give feedback proactively 
  • Give anonymous feedback
  • Pulse Surveys

You also have the Team Message feature that is always enabled but you can still add additional information to help explain to the remaining users the purpose of that feature. 

3 - Finally, use the function toggle to choose which features to enable and to disable to your users;

Creating Badges 

The badges will reflect some of your company's values, mindset and desirable skills.
They can be customized accordingly and you can brand them. Each badge that you create can be used for recognition. (Giving a Tap)

1  - Click in "Manage Account" ➡️  "Badges for recognition" ➡️  "New Badge";

2 - Add a picture, name and chose what is the badge representing;

  • Enabled: You can enable or disable the badge at any time you want. If you feel it doesn't make sense to have it in a determined period, you can disable it. 

3 - Then, create the Badge!


Creating Skills

Skills are used to evaluate certain traits you want to see in your organization. They represent what competences you want to see in your employees.

How can you create a skill?

1 - Go to Manage Account > Manage Skills > Create new skill;

2 - Then you can customize your skill.

  • Give a name to your skill
  • Add a picture 
  • Write a brief description
  • Categorize the skill 

3 - You have the option to make that skill only available for some employees. You can then select those people.

4 - Click on "Confirm"

You finally completed all the steps to make the most of your first experience with Tap My Back.
Now that you know all the features, have some of your colleagues enrolled, and have personalized your space, you are ready to implement it in your company! 

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