Slack Integration - How to use it

If you are using Slack at your organization, great news for you! You can integrate all the recognition experience from Tap My Back into Slack! 😃

Through Slack you have access to both actions on recognition that happen at Tap My Back. You are able to give taps directly from Slack, with ridiculously simple commands, and taps will be notified in a chosen channel

How to give a Tap from Slack, your thinking? Simple:

  • Type "/tap [tap description]" and press enter,
  • Then, Slack bot will you two questions, about which badge do you want to use and to whom do you want to give Tap. 
  • Finish your action by clicking at "Give Tap", or "Cancel" it to restart the action.

When you put the integration with Slack any Tap given directly from Slack or through the app will always be notified at Slack in following format:

  • Anyone that has access to the chosen Slack channel will see this Tap...
  • ... and anyone will be able to Re-Tap right from there!

We hope this integration adds value to you! And if you have any doubts don't hesitate reaching out to us (through "").

Huge Tap to you, for your patience while reading this article! 

PS: Please rate this article, so we can make it better over time.  Thanks, again! 


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