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With self-assessment and improvement in mind, Tap My Back did some changes in the personal profile! As you can see in the pictures below, you now have access to your own data related to the recognition and feedback you receive and even your mood.

This allows you to keep track of your personal information and find growth opportunities as a person and a professional. We believe that feeling that you are growing with your company is key to be happy at work :) 

Check below what you can see in each section:

Recognition Analysis

  • Who gives you the most taps;
  • People you haven't given a tap for a while; 
  • How many taps you gave and received during a specific period of time;

Feedback Hub Analysis

  • The number of feedback given and received;
  • Top skills according to the feedback you receive;
  • Skills you need to work on based on feedback;  
  • Check your score in per skill;
  • How much helpful feedback you gave. 

Mood Analysis

  • Mood evaluation based on your answers; 
  • Number of times you have selected each mood;

Let's try these new features? 

Create your trial account HERE! 

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