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What is the News Feed and what can you see here?

The News Feed is the place where everything happens! Here you have access to what happens in your entire company! All the taps, level-ups, asks and notifications.

What can you see?

1  - Team messages: Team administrators can send messages to their teams. You have only access to the ones sent to the team you are enrolled in.

2 - Feedback requests: All feedback requests for you will show up. They can be specific for you or for a team you're a member of. You can respond to them there, and once you submit your answer, that request will no longer be available in your feed.

3 - Surveys: Pulse surveys will appear first in your feed. These have an important role in your feed because they reflect overall company morale. For your team administrators it's a priority you answer them. You will see surveys like the Mood feature and the eNPS, as well as other engagement and performance surveys. 

4 - Search bottom/Filter: You can filter the news feed according to your interests. You can choose to only see some teams, people or badges, regarding what interests you.

  • With the growth of your company, it can be really difficult to keep an eye on everyone's information. So you can use this filter to help you receiving only what you want to see!

5 - Notifications: Every time you receive feedback, pulse surveys, tap, retap or comment, you will receive a notification saying that.

6 - Give a tap: You give a tap every time you think someone had a great performance or just the little things people do in the daily work life! The taps given will appear here, in the news feed. Where you can Retap or give an extra comment.

7 - Ask Tap My Back: Any question you may have you can talk to us in your news feed as well. You just need to look for message symbol on the right side of your feed.

This is how the news feed works! ✔️ 

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