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Here you will learn how to name someone a Team Admin, the features Team Admins have access to, and how can you help Team Admins to make the most of Tap My Back experience, both for them and for the users of their teams.

How to name someone as the Team Admin?

1 - There are two options for determining Team Administrators:

  • When creating a new team: 
    Click in "Manage Account" ➡️  "Teams" ➡️  "New Teams"
  • When already existing team: 
    Click in "Manage Account" ➡️  "Teams" ➡️  "Tap to edit"  

2 - Go to "Team Admins" and choose the person or people you want to name as the Team Admin, and confirm!

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Features Team Admins have access to:

Team Admins have access to:

  • Give a Tap feature;
  • Feedback Hub;
  • Analytics feature - To be able to track the behavior patrons of his team, by analyzing the usage of the Feedback Hub feature and the Give a Tap feature.
  • Team messages - Team Admins can send team messages to their teams. To announce something that will happen soon or just to give a good morning motivational message! This message will appear on the top of the news feed of all the members of the team.

Helping Team Admins having the best experience in Tap My Back:

Note that the Team Admins can't create Badges or add/remove members from their teams.
For that reason, make sure they define the badges they think makes sense to have in their teams, and ask you to create them. The same with the members of their teams.

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