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You may have noticed that below the option to Request or Give Feedback you can see the feedback you received, the feedback you gave and the feedback you scheduled. 

Let's go section by section.

Feedback Received

Here’s how the feedback you receive from your peers and managers looks like.

This is how the feedback you receive looks like. You are able to see the evaluations and comments that the person that gave you the feedback thought insightful.

Help the other person to understand if that feedback was helpful by pressing the helpful icon. And click on the check-in icon if you want to have a check-in conversation with them to clarify anything that was written.

Feedback given

The feedback you give to other people will also show up in a similar way.

In this example we included our presentation feedback format. You will see your takes on their performance and what questions you asked. This is important for you to review because you don't want to promote feedback fatigue.

Scheduled requests 

In this section, you have access to your timely feedback requests that are still active.

When you schedule a feedback request you are able to keep track of its answers and editions here. You can edit the survey and send it again to the same or different people.

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