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The process of creating teams becomes really important when your company starts to have more users in Tap My Back. 

How to do it? 

1  - Click in "Manage Account" ➡️  "Teams" ➡️  "New Team";

2 - You can brand your team, by putting a personalized name and picture. You can also set up a description of your team;

3 - Choose the people you want to add as users of the new team;

4 - Choose who you want as a Team Admin - You can choose one, or more people;

5 - Confirm! Now you have a new team created 😄

  • You can enable/disable this team whenever you want to. 

Team Admin: 

The team Admin has access to all the key features, plus to the Analytics (regarding the recognition and feedback) of his team, and plus the possibility of sending a Team Message to all his team members.

Let's try to create a team?

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