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When creating an account, you can immediately personalize your company space, by branding it, and choosing which features to enable your users to have access to.  

Your Branding 🏷️

You can customize your space using your brand name, colors and logo!

1 - Click in "Manage account"  ➡️   "General settings";

2 - Click in "Tap to edit";

3 - Choose your colors (the background and the primary color); 

4 - Choose a picture from your computer (your logo), write your company's name, and confirm!

This will be the final result! Your name, your logo and your colours! 

Configure Account 🤚🏻

As an Account Admin, you have the power to choose which features to enable your users to have access to. This way you can choose which fits better in your company's strategy.

How to do it? 

1  - Click in "Manage account"  ➡️   "General settings";

2 - You can see all Tap My Back features that are available.  

  • Give a Tap
  • Feedback Hub
  • Users can give feedback proactively 
  • Give anonymous feedback
  • Pulse Surveys

You also have the Team Message feature that is always enabled but you can still add additional information to help explain to the remaining users the purpose of that feature. 

3 - Use the function toggle to choose which features to enable and to disable to your users. You can do that at any time, regardless if you are in the trial version or in a paid plan;

You can set the custom text option to add important information about a feature and how do you pretend to use it in your organization.

This is how you personalize your Tap My back space!

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