Step 3: Invite Users

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The next step for you is to invite some users to try that app with you. You will need their insight on how the app serves them and what can be improved by it.

This way you'll be able to not only test our features, but also to make your colleagues aware of Tap My Back way of working! 😊

Invite users

How can you invite other users to the app? It's quite simple:

1  - Click in:  ➡️   "Manage account";  ➡️   "Users"  ➡️   "New users" 
2 - Finally enter the emails of the users or Upload a CSV file.

We recommend you to invite between 3 to 4 colleagues to the trial phase of the software. 

Then, you try the key features with the new users! Discuss with them the value of the app.


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